08 September 2006

SG Boston FC

(posted on behalf of my Boston crew)

StoryGames Boston is coming to Pandemonium!

Where: Sofas of Mortal Peril
When: Every Wednesday night at 7pm
Logo: Is Awesome!

Every Wednesday evening, come to Pandemonium Books and meet others interested in roleplaying games and storygames. Find new gamers, talk about the hobby, and then join us for a pickup game - or bring your own. And if you're new to "storygames", then we'll gladly show you what its all about.

Story, people, dice and the comfiest couches ever. What else do you need?

Some of the games we hope to play soon...

* Baron von Munchausen: Portray an adventurous noble, telling fantastical (but entirely true!) tall tales in the style of "Baron Munchausen".

* Agon: Odysseus. Atalanta. Perseus. You are Greek heroes of legend hoping to best each other with feats of cunning and might, winning great glory for your name. But your dark fate waits just around the corner. What songs will they sing of you?

* Once Upon a Time: The popular story-telling card game about fairy tales. Use your cards to tell your own story, and be the first one to play their Happy Ever After card!

* InSpectres: Things go bump in the night. It's a good thing the InSpectres are in town! Play out the trials and tribulations of your local franchise of supernatural exterminators.

* 1001 Nights: A game of enticing stories. The Sultan's courtiers are held captive in his court. Only through the stories they share can they find freedom and achieve what they want.


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