27 August 2006

Push Sales Report: July 24 - Aug 24

Our first month was pretty good.

23 PDFs
63 Print (44 of those at GenCon)
86 Total Copies Sold

$762.13 Total Profit
$95.27 For Each Contributor, including Clio
$0.00 For Each Commentator (maybe next time, folks!)
$285.80 For Me (triple duty: Contributing, Editing, Layout)

If you wanna look at my spreadsheet, I've posted it here.

I think I'd like to pay Contributors bi-annually, if that's cool with you folks. So you'll get a check at the end of January (for the first 6 months) and then another check around GenCon 2007 (for the second 6 months). If people have concerns about that or need their money sooner for some reason, please let me know. I have no problem getting you your money earlier; I'm just trying to avoid more paperwork and hassle.

Another idea to float to Contributors:

I'm not going to try to force this in any way; it's just an idea right now. What do you think about the possibility of releasing the PDF for free and/or selling back issues at cost once Push vol 2 comes out? I'm just thinking about the trouble of keeping track of multiple lists of contributors who have submitted things to multiple volumes and it just gives me nightmares that there will be confusion about who deserves what money. So I was wondering about the idea that any given volume of Push has a year to make money for its contributors and then it just becomes something we distribute freely (though we still own all the rights to it!).

There are some real issues with that idea, of course. I'd have to talk to Clio about it, since Lulu would still be making money off selling copies even if we weren't and that seems a little... odd, I guess, though not if you think of them as any other printer.

And I don't know if people would wait and buy issues of Push because they wanted to get it free/cheap. Or if our loyal readers would feel cheated by the price break for latecomers.

And I don't know what that would mean for IPR distribution if, for example, Push dropped to $7 from $17 after a year. Or maybe we cease distribution of vol 1 once vol 2 comes out, like other magazines?

Maybe that would end up being just as much of a hassle as keeping Push 1 the same and just sending out annual checks to contributors to previous volumes. That, I might be able to manage.

In any case, those are my Push-related thoughts of late, as I begin pulling people together for vol 2.


Blogger Brennan Taylor said...

Speaking for IPR, pricing decisions are the realm of publishers. If you want to lower your price after a year, you are welcome to do so, and IPR won't make a fuss.

Also, I don't envy you the logistics here. I know how complicated things can get with multiple publishers. Best of luck! :)

9:02 PM  
Blogger ecboss said...

Hey JW,

Bi-annually is just fine. Thanks muchly for doing all the leg work and hard stuff.


10:44 PM  
Blogger Turbo said...

Speaking as an academic who has gotten very excited about PUSH, I'd like to call for some manner of making older volumes avaliable. Be that for sale avaliable or elsewise, I think it would do wonders to be able to go back to older issues, and to send colleagues to those issues as well.

10:00 PM  

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