16 August 2006

Four Nations LJ Community

I've started a LiveJournal community for the Four Nations project that Shreyas Sampat, Thomas Roberson, and myself hope to publish by next GenCon. The book will be a short (less than 100p), full color hardcover filled with pretty pictures, so it might take a little longer than that, but what's life without a little ambition?

The first post talks about our plans for a fully modular and customizable mythic fantasy setting, which hints at our hubris. I'm sure Shreyas and Thomas will be glad to tell you about some of the other things we thought up during the roadtrip back to Boston, once they get good and settled at home. Shreyas took some notes.

Friend us or subscribe to our feed if you wanna be updated on this insanity.

The City On The Moon is peopled with unborn children. Sex is the ritual which summons them into this world. Even the Dead believe this to be so. The Apostates, however, do not. They speak of their Lost Queen and the army she is building, a moon army with which to conquer the earth. It is nonsense, of course, but even our own people are so rarely sensible. They listen to these whispers, for the City's growth has become evident to the naked eye. Just yesterday, the Royal Astronomer spotted a new tower being constructed on the edge of the Lunar Sea. I fear a panic.


Blogger Guy said...

Hardcover and under 100 pages, why?

11:38 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Walton said...

Because the book will definitely be an art object, but it will also be short.

10:19 AM  

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