15 August 2006

Teaser 2

(See Teaser 1)

And so death dwelt among the people for the first time, killing the old and young alike. But death, like a good hunter, left the hardy and strong alive so that the people continued to prosper.

When one of the people died, they shed their age and wounds, their sickness and madness -- for those were the troubles of the dying, not the dead. And their descendents and friends prepared them for the long journey ahead. The dead were given food, traveling garments, money for the road, and a sturdy walking stick, for there are no doors to the Twilight City.

And so the dead left the villages of their birth, marching slowly but steadily towards the darkness that falls outside the light of the sun and the watchful eye of the moon. The City waited to welcome them, but there was no hurry.

As the Ghost Keepers say, "the City is ever patient, for it holds eternity within its gates."


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