27 April 2006

Final Bits of Push Text (1 of 4)

Push contains several different kinds of content, the most obvious being 1) articles describing newly emerging or less well known varieties of play and design, 2) articles describing new opportunities for play and design within existing roleplaying traditions, and 3) complete and playable short-form games that demonstrate new play possibilities. The contributors who created our content were invited to participate, wrote proposals, listened to preliminary suggestions, wrote drafts, received feedback, made changes, expanded certain sections, presented final drafts, approved my final edits, and participating in the proofreading process. Push is a group effort and they deserve much credit.

Each issue also features running "guest commentary" in the margins. Our Guest Commentators are hand-selected by me, the Lead Editor, for their previous contributions to roleplaying thought, as well as the intelligence and clarity of their writing. They also have to be really fun people! Additionally, I've made an effort to invite Guest Commentators from outside The Forge, the online community where the idea for Push began. I hope this practice of inviting less familiar faces to participate continues in subsequent volumes, so that our circle of faces will never become too comfortable and the Push community will continue to grow in size and the diversity of backgrounds.

Finally, each volume of Push features a cover image by an up-and-coming visual artist, preferrably one who supports Push's progressive values in their own medium. For this initial volume, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic cover image by Clio Chiang, whose portfolio of comics and illustration work speaks for itself. Artists contributing to Push retain complete creative control over their work, just like any other contributor.


Blogger Bradley "Brand" Robins said...

I must say I'm totally jazzed about PUSH. But then, I've seen some of the sweet, sweet hash inside.

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