09 April 2006

Email to the Robins/Turkington Family

Dearest Bradley & Moyra,

I am perplexed about which road to proceed upon, since my humble roleplaying journal, Push, has been so utterly defiled by having its name associated with a group of play styles utterly divorced from those the journal intends to promote (Mo, I'm looking at you!). Since calling the journal Pull would leave it lacking that all important ring, that special something that all great names must have, I see no choice but to, in icy cold revenge, rename my journal One Thousand One, smearing my muddy boots all over your own 1000 Stories. How do you like them apples, misanthropes?



Blogger Bradley "Brand" Robins said...

I am a master of Push.
I am a master of Pull.

The Push/Pull that can be expressed is not the true Push/Pull.

He who walks only in Push is a Pusher.
He who walks only in Pull is a Puller.

The Pusher and the Puller are incomplete. Their potential is bound up in "should."

A Pusher can only move forward.
A Puller can only move back.
They will never meet, and not meeting, will never agree.

This is the BTR of the Push/Pull.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Jonathan Walton said...

In the immortal words of Steppenwolf:

The Dealer is the man
With the love grass in his hand
But the Pusher is a monster
No, Lord, he's not a natural man
God damn, God damn, I say, the Pusher

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Rob MacD said...

Possible alternate titles for Push:

The Real Push
Push It
Push Out The Jive, Bring In The Love

Just tryin to be helpful. :)

12:47 PM  
Blogger Adam Dray said...

Give and Take

2:25 PM  

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