08 March 2006

A Chat with Annie Rush

AR: it's funny... the group of players you describe is the one i fall into, but not really the one i write for.
ME: heh.
ME: yeah, i got the sense that you don't really write games that are of the type you really want to play.
ME: i was gonna ask you about it, but wasn't sure you wouldn't take that as a crack.
AR: no, it's rather true.
AR: I want to play the games i write, though.
AR: There's some disconnect because I'm so far out of it, though.
ME: right, i know you like your games, but they're not trying to reach for your personal ideal.
AR: As my stores of roleplay fat wane, i need anything, but primarily storytelling.
AR: It's like I don't know my native language, and have been working with the one that everyone else around me is speaking.
ME: totally.
ME: that's why i thought you might take it as a crack, because i might be implying that you don't know how to create the games you really want.
AR: truth is.
ME: when i don't think any designer really does, actually.
AR: just another fool out searching for some heaven in the sky.
ME: it's just weird that when I write about this kind of stuff, I get a lot of head-nodding from you, Jess, and Mo.
ME: it's like we're working to build the language for talking about what we all should already know.
AR: yeah. :)
AR: overall, you did a neat piece of writing and exploration in that post. I'm gonna take some time to chew it over.


Blogger annie said...

oh man, i feel all legit now. :)

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