06 December 2005

Vesperteen Collage

So I said I was making the Vesperteen cover myself, by hand. Well, I'm like 60% there. Still got a few major decisions to make and some changes I'm considering, but it might end up looking something like this (in black and white, because most of the major decisions involve color choices):

And before Clinton and Ben (or anyone else) gets on my case about it, yeah, I know I need to finish the playtest document. Thanks. Art and design is just how I relax from all the other stresses in my life, so it tends to get finished first.

EDIT: The first person I showed this to thought the central figures were a frog (: Guess I still have some work to do...


Anonymous Thomas Robertson said...

Ha! The frog thing didn't occurred to me until you mentioned it...

Anyway this is very, very interesting. Am I right in hearing that you are going to be doing it color when you finalize it, but that you haven't made all the decisions that need to be made about that yet and we're getting B&W as a stop-gap?


12:25 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Walton said...

Yeah, you're mostly right. I want to do some serious color adjustments and additional layering, as well as fixing the figures in the center (who were originally just an example sketch that grew to become the center of the piece).

Also, b&w looks better with the color scheme of my blog (:

There's also a chance that this could end up being the interior cover and I could get someone else to do the outside. We'll see how happy I am with it when it's done.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Matthijs said...

Oops, yeah, I saw a frog-like thing too... :) anyway, I like the idea, and I heartily applaud any RPG cover that doesn't go with guns, boobs, monsters and baroque logos.

11:51 AM  

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